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We are a church made up of carecells.

Inter-Generational Cells (IGC)

Families with children

Adults (AD)

Adults to Seniors

Young Adults (YA)

Young working adults, college / university students

Youth (YZ)

Youth aged 13-18

Pre-teens (G1)

Pre-teens aged 11-13

Carecells are our small groups engaged in life together through teaching, fellowship, prayer, corporate worship and reaching out to our community.

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Join a Ministry

Technical Reinforcement In Broadcasting Engineering team is dedicated to managing the behind-the-scenes tech stuff, ranging from sound, photography, lighting and visuals.


Crowning Glory
Dedicated to celebrating our beloved seniors, having Hokkien fellowship every Saturday at 10am, complete with breakfast and lunch.


Food Assistance Programme
Provides short-term food assistance for families in need.


Children in Divine Service is our ministry dedicated to discipling our children in the Lord’s ways..


Providing resources and materials to help the congregation broaden their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.


Floral Ministry
Dedicated to arranging flowers to beautify the sanctuary.


The Safe Harbour
A counselling ministry that provides a safe place for people to express and discover themselves.
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Traffic & Security
Dedicated to directing traffic and providing security at our main church building.



Tadika Rajawali
Our kindergarten that’s not only a school but a ministry dedicated to reaching out to the youngest generation, helping them to soar academically and in character.


Creative Ministry
A team committed to utilising all kinds of arts and mediums, ranging from dance to performances, to represent biblical principles and inspire others.



Our small groups are communities where people can come together to fellowship and pursue God’s Word regularly. We have different carecells for families, youths and young adults that meet across Penang.



Our Training and Equipping programme
is committed to helping believers mature in their faith and be equipped for ministry.



Kitchen Ministry
Working on Saturdays to make delicious meals to bring people together for fellowship.



Healing Rooms Ministry
Committed to serving the community and the Body of Christ through prayer over the sick and distressed.


Hospitality Ministry
Our team of hosts and hostesses dedicated to connecting with new friends and showing them the warmth of our community.


Our missions department works hard in collaborating with our members as well as other like-minded churches and organisations to reach unreached groups around the globe.


Worship Ministry
Our worship team are frontliners of faith who use their gifts and talents to lead the congregation in songs of praise and worship.



Family Care Centre
FCC is committed to caring for families in need as well as the children of single parents, providing for them tutoring, coaching, counselling and development programmes.


Our team of ushers are delighted to give visitors the friendliest greetings and warmest smiles, dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


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