Grow With Us


Cell Group — Life of the the church

Just like a human body, the local church is made up of cells. When everyone is connected to a cell, the local church functions like the living and growing organism that God designed her to be!

The health of the local church depends on the health of the cells. Healthy cells multiply regularly through relational evangelism. When the cells grow and multiply, the church grows.

Penang Christian Centre is a Cell Church

We are not a church with cells as one of the many departments or ministries. We are a church made up of cells. We seek to make disciples the way Jesus did when he called the twelve. They shared their lives together for three years. They learned Jesus' words and ways of ministry and imitated His life and character. He then commissioned them to find and train others the way He trained them.


The Open Carecell meets at least once a week. The main emphasis is reaching pre-believers and nurturing its members' spiritual walk. Everyone will be connected to community life and given pastoral care. Through this carecell, members will also discover their spiritual gifts as they are given opportunities to serve.

  • Open Carecell
  • Frequency Weekly
  • Purpose Evangelism & Nurture
  • Goal Multiplication
  • Members Carecell Leader
    Associate Carecell Leader
    Spiritual Parent
    Carecell Members


TREQ stands for TRaining and EQuipping. This runs parallel to the Carecell Strand to provide Training and Equipping to prepare every believer for their divine calling and destiny by imparting Kingdom vision, values and skills through Pulpit Ministry & Discipleship Pathway.