At PCC, we call our cell groups CARECELLS, because our network is built on caring relationships between Carecell members, with pastoral care by trained and dedicated Carecell leaders."


In our Church, everyone is connected to a Carecell. It's where the life of the Church is! Christians of different races, backgrounds and cultures come together on a regular basis for one common interest, which is to pray, worship and learn more about God's Word, while also being able to enjoy fellowship, share delightful meals and participate in fruitful activities.

We organise our Carecell meetings once a week in various church members' homes located throughout the Penang Island. We have Carecells for different age groups and geographical locations to accommodate people from all walks of life. Most adult Carecells are IGC, or Inter-Generational Cells. This means that you can bring your whole family along and they'll be able to actively participate in all the Carecell activities with you!

Find your fit in a Carecell that's most suitable for your age group and location. Please contact our Church Administration Office for further details. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.


Are you ready to discover your spiritual gifts? Are you willing to serve God and His people? Are you prepared to grow closer to Him in your spiritual walk? If you have a heart to serve, we definitely have a ministry for you!

"He will always enable you to do what He calls you to do."

One of the best ways to connect into the life of PCC is by serving. Ministry creates excellent opportunities for Christians of all ages to use their spiritual gifts to serve others, following in the footsteps of Jesus. We believe that just as God made us all different from each other, He has also supplied every one of us with unique gifts, talents and passions. Open up your heart and allow God to lead you to the ministry in which He has created for you to serve. Together let's discover God's Purpose for us.

Come and be part of God's family! It is our passionate desire to see every member of the Church getting involved and connecting in ministry. We strongly encourage every Church member to contribute actively to the growth of the Church through ministry. If you wish to be equipped for service to God, strengthen your relationship with Him and learn more about His Word, we warmly welcome you to serve in one of our ministries and be a part of God's family.

As the Church expands in number over the years, so have the list of ministries, giving every Christian an opportunity to find a ministry that best suits them!

- CIDS (Children In Divine Service) Church
- Creative Ministry
- Crowning Glory Fellowship
- Facilities & IT
- Floral Ministry
- Hospitality Corner
- Kitchen Ministry
- Library Department
- Missions
- Media & Communications
- Healing Rooms Ministry
- Prayer Ministry
- Safety, Security & Traffic
- Tadika Rajawali
- TREQ (TRaining and EQuipping)
- Ushering
- Worship Ministry
- Young Adults
- Youth Ministry
- Family Care Centre






Are you living a life according to God's Purpose and Plan for you?

In the book of Matthew, Jesus gave us The Great Commission, which calls for every Christian to go forth and make disciples of all nations.

The Missions and Outreach Ministry was formed to give Christians, both young and aged, an opportunity to do God's work by going to places near and far, sending the message of the Gospel forth to the lost and winning people for Christ. In doing our part to fulfil the Great Commission, we partner with many churches and organisations with a common desire to reach responsive and unreached people groups, through giving and sending exposure teams as well as short-term and long-term church planters.

Information for Online Banking:

Account Name: Penang Christian Centre

Bank Account No.: 5070 6860 7325 (Maybank)

E-mail indicating your name, amount, purpose, date of giving and whether receipt is required.